Business-to-Business Sales & Marketing Consulting

When Advertising Isn’t The Only Answer…

When your B2B sales aren’t where they need to be, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are our sales cycles TOO LONG?

  • Are our sales close rates TOO LOW?

  • Do our sales materials simply tell about our product or service, or does EVERY PAGE present an incredible ROI story?

  • Are we getting in front of the Real Decision Maker?

  • Do we have such a compelling ROI story that our prospect CAN’T SAY “no thanks”?

  • Are we selling to the right individual within our prospect organization?

  • Is our pricing model THE BEST MODEL for our product or service?

So, if you desire to increase revenues by increasing sales close rates, shortening sales cycles, increasing offering pricing, and lengthening contractual engagements, then Dale Timberlake is here to help you!


Sales and marketing consulting engagements may last a week or months.  Most importantly, you are always in control, and as long as you believe you are getting value, together we can execute a plan to significantly increase your B2B sales revenue.  Give us a try—you’ll be thrilled with the results.

We Can Provide the Following Consulting Services:

  • Evaluate Existing Sales Process

  • Evaluate Existing ROI Messaging

  • Evaluate Existing Sales Messaging (Collateral, Website, and Verbal)

  • Make Recommendations Regarding Solution ROI

  • Make Recommendations Regarding Product Pricing and Possible Deal Structures

  • Make Recommendations Regarding Phone and in Person “Sales Pitch” Including Possible Role Play

  • Make Recommendations Regarding Sales Process, Sales Targets (Companies / Individuals)

  • Make Recommendations Regarding Sales Materials (Including Producing New Sales Decks, Sell Sheets, Website Change Recommendations, etc.)

  • Coach Outside and Inside Sales and Marketing Teams

  • Make Recommendations Regarding Organization Structure and Staffing Needs

  • Participate if Desired in Sales Meetings, Sales Calls, and Meetings with Prospective Customers

Call or email Dale Timberlake and together we can determine the best strategy for promoting your business interests.

About Dale Timberlake

Dale holds an MBA from the University of Michigan and a B.S. in Computer Science from Michigan State University.  He has managed sales, business development, and consulting teams for such companies as Oracle®, Microsoft®, REL Consultancy Group®, and Unisys Corporation®, as well as a number of technology startup companies.    Dale has consulted for such companies as Honeywell®, BP®, Hewlett Packard®, Sara Lee®, Kmart®, Great Lakes Chemical®, Quaker Oats®, Union Camp®, and many more.  Throughout Dale’s 25+ year career, he has held 5 different Vice President positions as well as Practice Director at Oracle Corporation®.  If B2B sales is an issue for your company, consider an introductory meeting to explore your options.


  • Health Care

  • Consumer Packaged Goods

  • Retail

  • Technology

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